Energy Saving Tips 02/26/09

My staff and I have read carefully the many thoughtful cost-saving and revenue-generating suggestions submitted by the campus community in response to our call for ideas.

Many suggestions focused on ways to decrease our energy consumption and decrease the amount of printed material we produce on campus. Many of you already exercise these actions (and more!) in your daily routines, but it is never a mistake to remind everyone of these simple ways in which we can all make a difference in contributing to reducing our energy consumption.

  1. Lighting – Turn it Off.
  2. Unplug electronics not being used.
  3. Enable the sleep mode on your computer.
  4. Computers, printers, monitors – turn them off when not in use and when you are away from your desk for extended periods.
  5. Make sure vents in your room/office are not blocked.
  6. Distribute “paperwork” electronically.
  7. Print documents only when you believe it is worth the natural resources.
  8. If you must print, seek out a duplex printer that will print on both sides.  ( Most computer labs on campus have them! ).
  9. Let in sunlight in colder months.
  10. Close window blinds or curtains in warmer months to reduce energy spent on air conditioning.
  11. Opt for Energy Star products, including appliances, heating and cooling equipment, electronics, office equipment, lighting and commercial food equipment.
  12. Report leaky faucets, running toilets, and temperature problems to Facilities Operations and Maintenance at x3301.
  13. Never prop doors open. This results in unwanted heating and cooling loss, violates fire code, and presents a security risk.
  14. Close open windows.
  15. Recycle.
  16. Take the New Paltz Shuttle!
  17. Check out

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

– Jacqueline S. DiStefano
Vice President for Finance & Administration SUNY New Paltz

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