President Poskanzer’s Furlough Update, May 12, 2010


As I am sure you are aware, Governor Paterson requested, and the Legislature approved, the mandatory furlough of most Executive Branch State employees beginning the week of May 17-23, 2010. As has been reported, the intent is for this furlough program to continue in subsequent emergency periods until a final 2010‐2011 budget is passed. All Executive Branch employees, other than those designated as Management/Confidential, or who are serving in a position that is 100% federally funded, or who are responsible for providing direct care or are engaged in functions necessary for the preservation of health and safety, or who are on military leave, are subject to the mandatory furlough.

Under the terms of the furlough law, all non-exempt employees will be scheduled for a work week reduction of one‐fifth (1/5), with a commensurate reduction in wages and salary, between May 17 and May 23, 2010. This means that on one otherwise scheduled work day between these dates, employees will be directed not to come to work and will not get paid. This will impact employees’ June 9 paycheck. Supervisors will provide employees with the specific details as to the date of their furloughs.

Please be advised employees cannot use any accrued leave to offset this salary reduction, even if the furlough day falls during an approved vacation, and overtime cannot be authorized to provide coverage for furlough days. However, while the furlough affects employee salaries, time on furlough status will be treated as full‐pay status for purposes of earning bi‐weekly accruals and health insurance benefit eligibility.

To provide you with further background, we are enclosing SUNY System Administration’s Furlough Information Guidelines, a list of exempt employees for the New Paltz campus, and a Power Point presentation about the furlough details.

We recognize the very real hardship the furlough will impose on employees, their families, students and all of the populations we serve. The College will carry out the furlough directive in a manner that seeks to minimize disruption.

Steven Poskanzer


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